Necklace Sizes

Hello dear Jewelry lovers, we at MIS-Jewelry are hoping that everyone is staying safe during these challenging times. It is rather odd how everything can change in a couple of weeks huh? Now the public health specialists are loosening up the confinement measures, we would kindly give you a notch on how to select the right size for your necklace when you’re doing your online shopping here at MIS-JEWELRY.

Selecting the right size of a necklace can make your outfit be a hit or miss. A lot of variables shall be used when determined the size of your necklace; for instance: What is the message you want to transmit? What is the type of event you are going? Now that spring has made its glorious arrival, It is rather common seeing people with multiple layers and being a little bit more creative and risky with how they carry on their pendants.

We have brought measure reference to select a good necklace size for that piece that would complement the right outfit. Keep in mind that wearing multiple necklaces at the same time is widely acceptable and can give a bold statement of your personality, and you know what they say right? Being bold is in.

Now, do keep in mind that sizes from 16’ to 19’ are rather formal while 24 and above can give a more relaxed look. It is important to remember this table is only made for informative measures and the results might vary according to your complexion. This table was designed for small-medium women, however if you have a broader complexity, just reduce two inches or so per category and you should be fine.

It is quite common that while online shopping you might not actually know where the pendant is going to rest on your body. Here at MIS-JEWELRY we are avid accessories connoisseurs and enthusiasts. That is why we individually measure every single piece we sell so you can have all the proper information on our product description. If you are not satisfied with the fitting of your necklace/pendant, we thrive on your satisfaction. We offer 30 days free of charge returning policy. Reach out to us and let us help you help the right gift or complement for every occasion.

See you all until the next one. Stay safe and stay gorgeous,



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