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Necklace Sizes

Here you have a mesure reference to selecte a good necklace size when you are doing buying in misjewelry. Acutally, the necklace are using in long and short sizes at the same times. In general MIS reference necklace sizes will help you to select the the correct for you.

Sometimes we dont know how to select the size of a necklace, because we don’t have an idea of how so short or long the necklace may be. It is important also understand that due to the size of people this can be more or less adjusted. Understand the different sizes of necklace are important when buying this piece on internet. Usually measures ranging from 15 "to 22" are regular sizes. Currently used chains and longer necklaces are usually between 22 to 26". Other measures are over 27" and remain in the upper part of the abdomen.


MIS Jewelry

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Stainless steel is a metal used to make beautiful and quality jewelry. Famous brands use this material for some of these reasons: is naturally hypo-allergenic or free nickel, duration, fine finish and harness.  In my particular case I love the jewellery made in stainless steel because it look like white gold and they are many option available.  Other reason is that these types of jewellery look as an expensive jewellery but we really buy it to affordable price.